Jenny Craig VS Nutrisystem

Many are interested in using weight loss programs to help them succeed. Two very popular options on the market right now are Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. Both of these systems were created to easily help individuals achieve their own personal weight loss goals. Is one program better then the other or were both created equally? You will have to be the judge of that.

Jenny Craig was founded in 1983 and is currently one of the largest weight management companies on
the planet. Clients learn how to enjoy the foods they like to eat while developing a healthier lifestyle.
Simple activity will allow the person to increase their energy while building a better balance into their
lives. An expert medical advisory board helped create this program with registered dietitians to ensure
the best possible outcome.

Jenny Craig has three main components to their programs. They want to help their clients learn first how
to eat healthy and establish a good relationship with food. Portion control will be taught as well as
picking lower calorie foods. Individuals will also be taught how to cue in on emotional eating and how to
practice mindful eating. Jenny Craig also promotes having a more active lifestyle then they currently
have. Clients gradually increase their activity level, engaging in cardio, stretching, and resistance
exercises. The third component will be to teach clients how to balance their lives. Cognitive strategies
are taught to ensure the mind is both balanced and positive.

Jenny Craig can be done using two different approaches. One can use centers as meeting places with
their own personal consultant on a regular basis. If there are not any centers close to you, you can use the
option of using Jenny Craig at home. Using the in home option will allow clients to utilize online
resources with meals being delivered to their home address. Video chats or phone calls from a consultant
will be the primary means of communication. There are also many different forms of the Jenny Craig
program that one can pick from, such as The Jenny Rewards program, the Jenny On Track Program, The
Jenny Tune-up, the Gold Program, or the Platinum program. Just like every weight loss program, there are pros and cons. Jenny Craig is no different. Here are some of the pros and cons of this 30 plus year old weight loss program.

• this diet plan is very convenient
• meals can be delivered right to your door
• you can have your own personal consultant
• custom tailored to fit the client
• different meals are offered for different lifestyle choices (vegan and vegetarian)
• there is a toll free number clients can call for advice and support
• meals are easy to make in the microwave
• there are 70 different prepackaged foods
• no foods are banned
• you may also eat fresh fruits and vegetables as well as reduced fat dairy on this diet
• all prepackaged foods are low in fat and salt
• diet helps you get enough calcium, fiber,and potassium which many lack
• able to still eat out at restaurants
• can still have alcohol on occasion
• you do not have to give up carbs on this diet
• caffeine does not need to be given up

• it is very expensive for meals( average cost is $15 to $26 per day)
• there is a sign up fee

• meals can become tiresome after eating from the microwave all the time
• Jenny Craig counselors are not registered dietitians
• you will pay a monthly fee
• none of the foods are Kosher certified

On Jenny Craig, you will be doing planned exercises and trying to incorporate exercise into your daily
life. You will see how light cleaning and gardening are natural forms of exercise. Planned exercises can
include joining a spinning class, walking around the track with your friend, or doing yoga by yourself.
You will also be encouraged to pick exercises that are playful, such as bike riding or playing kickball with
your kids.


Nutrisystem is another system that was designed to help individuals loose weight. With this plan, there is
no counting, measuring, or weigh-ins. Perfectly portioned foods will be delivered right to your doorstep
to help you achieve your weight loss goal. These foods are low on the glycemic index, have no artificial
flavors or sweeteners, contain lots of protein, and are full of fiber to help you feel fuller for an extended
period of time. It is estimated that you will loose 1 to 2 pounds per week following this diet.
Nutrisystem was founded in 1972 and has helped millions of people loose weight. Each plan offered has
the option of having comprehensive support and counseling seven days per week. The plan allows the
individuals to eat six times per day. With Nutrisystem, there are a variety of plans to pick from, each
tailored to a different individuals needs:

Basic plan

This starts off at just over $10 per day. It includes a 4 week plan that is easy to
follow. Foods are pre-selected and ready to go for your convenience. Burgers, pastas, and
chocolate are all included in this plan.


Core Plan

Starting at just over $11 a day, this plan allows you to pick your own meals from over
100 options. You will receive free support from dietitians and counselors, and have access to
tools and resources. Meals may included a loaded baked potato or a double chocolate muffin.

Uniquely Yours

This plan starts at just $12.50 per day. You will have access to over 150 meals
and snacks to choose from. These choices include home style pancakes, spinach stuffed shells,
and red velvet pie.

• Vegetarian

For $12.50 a day, you will be able to choose from over 90 vegetarian options. You
may start your day off with some apple cinnamon oatmeal, then have a lunch of cheese tortellini.
Supper could consist of Vegetarian Chili.

The plans outlined above also come in a Men’s plan, as well as a diabetes plan. With the diabetes plan,
you can improve your blood sugar and reduce insulin. You could also be able to lower your AC1 by
The first week with any plan, you can jump start it with Turbo Takeoff, a special week of meals and
snacks that were created to burn fat to loose weight faster. In the second week, you will continue to eat
the prepackaged meals, but add in a few staples from the grocery store. Every day there will be breakfast,
lunch, and supper as well as a snack (men get two snacks per day). The diet will be rounded out with
fresh fruits and vegetables. This diet, just like any other diet, has pros and cons.

The pros include

• easy to follow
• different options to choose from
• promotes portion control
• low glycemic index
• lots of variety in the meal choices
• convenient
• healthy
• contain the proper amount of calories and macro nutrients needed by individuals
• support is available 24 hours per day
• safe

• designed to loose weight fast
• there is a smartphone app

The cons for this weight loss program include

• is very expensive
• not family friendly
• not a lifetime dietary program
• does not offer very much exercise help

With this diet plan you will learn how you can still eat out at your favorite restaurants. Exercise is not
something that is focused on with this plan. jennycraig-vs-nutrisystem

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